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Discover aquatic thrills at Diving & Surf Center Sayulita. Dive deep, ride waves, expert lessons, surf trips – your adventure begins here!

Explore a world beneath the waves! Dive into our PADI center #24520 for an array of thrilling diving activities. Click now for details on our exciting underwater adventures!


Mexico's soul, yours to savor: harvest, cook, devour. Accompanied by expert chefs, prepare cherished recipes using nature's bounty. Amid our animated ranch, relish flavors, hues, aromas, and heritage

Get stoked and ride the waves with us! Discover a world of thrilling surf adventures. Click now for a bounty of surf activities and services waiting for you to explore.



Fuel your vacation with wellness. Engage in CrossFit at our deluxe gym. Indulge in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, alleviating fatigue, amplifying energy, and nurturing overall health. Embrace a revitalizing holiday.


Embark on a hiking journey with us! Uncover the beauty of nature on our trails. Click here for a trove of hiking adventures and services to elevate your outdoor experience.

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Unveil the depths with assurance. Over 30 years as a PADI agency, we've shaped adept divers, presenting 300+ certifications each year across diverse levels. Join us in the underwater realm

Epic Adventures Await: Dive n' Surf Center

Elevate your holiday experience with our diverse range of offerings. Streamline your plans, save time, and access all tickets through a unified provider for a truly memorable vacation.

2 dives.png

all dive tours includes 2 taks

light lunch.png

light lunch & refreshments

free dive gear.png

free dive gear included

safety gear.png

safety gear all activities

eco responsable.png

eco responsive

dive instructor.png

profesional dive instructors

6 divers per instructor.png

instructor ratio 1:6

meeting time.png

8:30 meeting time

comfortable dive boat.png

comfortable & fast boats

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Tours and courses

Dive into an unforgettable aquatic adventure at Dive n Surf Center in Sayulita. Experience the ultimate freedom of free diving and discover all you need, right here!"

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National parks tours

Embrace pure joy at Marietas Islands and the awe of Los Arcos de Mismaloya. Explore top snorkeling spots, uncover hidden treasures, and connect with nature's marvels in these extraordinary destinations, always.

Buceo en familia

Tours all levels

Explore a world of wonder with our scuba diving adventures. Dive into over 8 breathtaking sites for all levels. Small-group intimacy, vibrant underwater realms, and safety led by seasoned pros.

El equipo de buceo

PADI dive resort #24520

Unlock diving enlightenment with our expert instructors. Years of passion and expertise create a safe and skillful training environment. Dive confidently into aquatic wonders under their adept guidance.

Entrenamiento de buceo en la piscina

Punta de Mita & surroundings

Welcome to Dive n' Surf Center, where surfing excitement in Sayulita meets customization. Experience tailored surf lessons, trips, and rentals. Unforgettable moments on the waves, for all levels.

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Vacaciones de surf

All levels

Surf the waves and immerse yourself in the thrill with our dynamic lessons. Conquer the waves, connect with ocean energy, and share local insights with our passionate surf aficionados. Catch the waves, make memories, embrace the essence.

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Lección de surf

Paddle at your pace

Embark on paddleboarding adventures, from serene sunsets to thrilling wave riding. Guided by Mexican Olympic team representatives, feel the tranquility of gliding or the thrill of conquering waves. Experience diverse joy with expert guidance for an unforgettable journey.

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Feliz SUP

Wide variety

Discover diverse surfboard rentals at Dive n' Surf Center, catering to every style and skill level. From longboards to short boards, find your perfect wave-riding companion here.

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Elegir una tabla de surf

Best way to explore Sayulita

"Experience unforgettable adventure hiking from Sayulita to Cerro El Mono with Dive n' Surf Center. Explore hidden gems like Patzcuaro and Patzcuarito, where nature's wonders await your discovery."

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Senderismo en el bosque

oxygenate your body

Supercharge your vacation with revitalizing hyperbaric therapy. Our oxygen-rich sessions rejuvenate, reduce stress, aid recovery, and boost wellness. Unlock vitality and embrace holistic health on your retreat.

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Wild Jungle Cooking

Savor culinary brilliance with our gourmet catering. Elevate occasions with Mexico's rich flavors, each dish a masterpiece. Our meticulous attention ensures an unforgettable, sensory journey through culinary artistry.

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Cena de tacos mexicanos

Whale Spectacle Experience

Experience the pinnacle of whale watching from Marina de la Cruz. From December to May, witness humpback whales leaping and frolicking. Immerse in nature's grandeur for a remarkable encounter.

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Image by Todd Cravens

National park

Elevate your getaway with invigorating hyperbaric therapy. Experience rejuvenation through oxygen-rich sessions, stress reduction, accelerated recovery, and enhanced wellness. Unleash vitality and embrace holistic health during your retreat.

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Waterfalls tour

Escape to Yelapa Beach, a secluded sanctuary only accessible by sea. Step into a jungle-bound paradise, guided by waterfalls, untouched by time. Embrace serenity in this unspoiled oasis.

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Av. Revolución #44, Colonia centro, Sayulita NAY. México 63734

+52 322 10909279

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